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Imagekind Logo and Brand Guidelines

Use these resources to help you promote your art and direct customers to your Imagekind gallery.
Download the Imagekind Logo

Please read our terms of use when selling with the Imagekind logo

The .zip contains the following variations of our logo in .eps format with
transparent backgrounds:

Imagekind logos

See provided layout examples, colors and ad templates for
ideas on how to adapt our brand to your website.
Imagekind Brand Colors
Guideline for Layouts
Imagekind Logo

When using the Imagekind logo, without a tagline, leave space around it roughly equivalent to the x-height of the logotype.

Small Imagekind Logo
Smallest acceptable logo size is 100 pixels wide.

Medium Imagekind Logo
Logo: 150 pixels wide
Tagline: FreightSans, Medium, 14

Large Imagekind Logo
Logo: 185 pixels wide
Tagline: FreightSans, Medium, 16

Pair Our Logo with Proper Language

Only official taglines should be used in conjuction with our logo. Type/fonts should be FreightSans Medium (or Arial if FreightSans is not available).

Main Message
One community for creating, buying and selling art.

Alternate Message
Fine Art quality prints and frames.
Over 5.5 million mat and frame combinations.

For Promoting Imagekind's Create function:
Celebrate your inner artist, create your own work of art.
Create your own work of art.
Frame and print your favorite photos.
Buttons and Banners for Your Site

Our ads are formatted into .gif image files. These templates contain placeholder images where you can insert your own artwork! Due to the constant changing nature of our website, we are unable to provide technical support for building these ads.

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