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Hello. Welcome to the Baslee Troutman Earth & Sky "Harmony" Life & Seasons Art Collection. Where Art is about you. These giclee fine art prints were created purely for your enjoyment. Each gallery has well-like, popular art pieces that can be hung individually or as a series. Everyone has their favorites. Available in many sizes, substrates paper or canvas, frames, mounting, matting and glazing. Earth & Sky “Harmony” art collection has contemporary story themes that represent life, cycles and seasons. Modern art with rich, vivid and bright colors. See sweet blue & sun yellow currents or autumn leaves, trees, roots, silvery plants and golden starbursts. Choose captivating art that you like. Bring the natural outdoor colors of seasons and life into your homes and offices. It’s also very easy to choose a few to give as gifts to family, friends or as business or corporate gifts and be remember fondly, for giving something so personal and long-lasting. So when you’re not able to go out, take some time out of your busy day to travel to these places by placing a few of your favorite art pieces on your walls for all to take pleasure in. These art pieces have been created for you to proudly show in your homes or offices, or give as gifts to family, friends and those you work with. There are 21 new releases that have been professionally captured at the highest resolution and largest file size possible, creating a original master digital image files. Each giclee you order is printed on demand from that original. Each art picture has a story of its own that you can relate to and find yourself imagining yourself being there, watching it unfold. It brings you in, letting you change the meaning or the outcome as you wish, depending on your mood or needs. You’ll find yourself and others looking at them each day, through out the day, and finding it easy to travel there, escaping if only for a few moments. We are all attracted to scenes that are awesome, up-lifting and inspiring. See the stories behind the art by visiting our website some time in Oct., 2008 or email us to receive a signed copy of the story. Life is often full of over-whelming non-stop messages, difficulties, hectic schedules, complications and meeting other people’s needs. Art takes us away from the daily routine activities of our lives, and allow us to find and share a place that is peaceful, calm and content. We change our environment and lives with Art that lets us take part in it. When we place great art pieces in our homes and offices, we can look at it and ‘just be’ with no questions asked, no demands and no interruptions. This art is for you. It softens the hard lines of reality, letting you relax and belong. I like scenes that stimulate and heightened your senses, bringing them to life. Much like standing at the base of a waterfall, or seeing the striking colors of fish in a stream, or seeing a perfectly grown Iris Flower or Lilies opening in a pond. Before you go see the “Beyond Limits” fish art collection with lots of impressive “above and below” water scenes of freshwater sports game fish with brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, steelhead, smallmouth bass blended together in scenes with eagles, bull elk profiled against full moon, baby ducks and crawdads. Along with some gorgeous flower and garden scenes with Bearded & Blue Dutch Irises, Water Lilies in Lily ponds, Tulips, Roses and Orchids with snuggling frog friends, ladybugs, blue skies and stone pathways in “Day Star Garden” collection.
"Fine Art Prints Sky Sun Contemporary Modern Deco"  (2008) by BasleeTroutman
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