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Imagekind we make custom framing easy. Our prices are 30-40% less than your local store while maintaining the highest level of quality. We offer over 160 frames and 140 mats from the best manufacturers in the world. Whether it is a simple black frame, a gilded silver delight or a rustic looking cherry, you can find something to make your images pop.
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Get the Most from your Frames. Tips on Artful Picture Arranging.
Practice: You can cut templates of your art from paper and try arranging them on the wall to see how the framed art works in the space. You can also measure the amount of wall space you have to work with and arrange the paper on the floor.
Composition: Consider your frame grouping as a single unit.
Space: Your arrangement should hang closely together. If you have too much space between pictures you lose the visual effect.
Order: With the exception of a round grouping, hang pictures so that they form at least one horizontal and one vertical line.
Color and Texture Balance: Pay attention to color and texture when working out your arrangement. Keep the weight of your composition well distributed.
Create Visual Excitement: Definitely mix and mingle your prints by different shapes and sizes, keeping the weight of the composition well distributed.
Scale: Consider proper scale when decorating your walls. Support large furniture with large wall hangings and small funiture with small wall hangings. Hanging small picture frames over a large sofa or large pictures over a small loveseat will appear awkward and disrupt the balance of your room. (Groupings taken as a single unit can be considered a "large wall hanging.")
Distance: When hanging framed art above furniture the general rule is between 6 and 8 inches. If not above furniture, hang your frames at average eye-level.